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Services advices you on how to buy and sell your used vehicles in total peace of mind!

Advice for buyers of used vehicles

Compare the prices of similar vehicles

Beware of prices that are too high or too low. To compare prices, use the Price estimator!

Contact seller

Favour contacts by phone. Check that the phone number indicator matches the country of the seller. Try and avoid numbers starting with 08, this is a surchaged number.

Inquire about the history of the vehicle

Even though the ad details the technical characteristics of the vehicle, don't hesitate to ask the seller what were the conditions of use of the vehicle.

Control the condition of the vehicle

Check the latest technical check-up report. If you have the possibility, go see and test the truck and check for leakage, the suspensions, the pyres, chassid, etc.

Check the documents of the vehicle

During the transaction, the seller will give you the following documents:
  • The registration certificate
  • The vehicle's certificate of transfer
  • The certificate of non-pledge
  • The latest technical check report
  • The maintenance booklet and invoices

Suspect seller?

Our team systematically checks the identity of the professional sellers that post their ads on If, however, you have a doubt or a problem with a seller, don’t hesitate to let us know.