Main makes of Coaches

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See the ad listing for used coaches by manufacturer's make : Mercedes, Setra, Irisbus, Iveco, Scania, MAN, Renault...

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Directly go to the listing by clicking on the ranges : Intouro, Tourismo, Sprinter, Integro, 303, O 580, S 315, S 417 HDH, S 415 HDH, S 416 HDH, S 431 DT, S 416 GT-HD, Ares, Recreo, Evadys, Axer, Magelys, Iliade RT, EuroRider, Wing Indcar, Irizar, K124, Century 1237, Century 1235, Noge Touring, Lion's Coach, S45, SFR, Iliade RTX, FR 1, Iliade, Ares, Tourliner, Cityliner, Starliner, Jetliner, Skyliner, .

The number of coaches available is given in brackets.

Other makes of coaches available