Main makes of Coaches

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See the ad listing for used coaches by manufacturer's make : Mercedes, Scania, Setra, Irisbus, MAN, Renault, Temsa...

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Directly go to the listing by clicking on the ranges : Intouro, Tourismo, Integro, Sprinter, O 350, 303, Century 1237, Intercentury, Century 1235, Irizar, K124, S 416 GT-HD, S 315, S 417 HDH, S 215 HR, 315 GT, Recreo, Magelys, Ares, Evadys, Axer, Iliade RT, Lion's Coach, Noge Touring, Lion's Coach L, SFR, Ares, S45, Iliade RTX, FR 1, Iliade, Safari, Opalin, Tourliner, Cityliner, Starliner, Jetliner, .

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Other makes of coaches available